The Light's Still On, Ida

By Linda Zeiser

Light's Still On Ida Cover

writing samples



by Sunbridge students

Passionate caress
words like that are dangerous
need I tell you more?

1,000 sweet words
more than you can ever tell.
I’m knocking – waiting.

I am still knocking
maybe she knows what I mean,
doors open, doors close.

Love is a jazz band
let’s go see the show tonight.
“ Three Cats In The Barn.”


Not too old for love
I wonder what I can do?
So warm and cozy!

Peace and contentment
kinda tight – feels like you’re smart.
Be sure you love me!


For Love

by St. Peter’s students

Two of us are one
it feels like there’s nothing else,
love is most binding.

Love is a Sweet Thing
speaking without words spoken
“ No vive sin amore!”

Italian for, “There is no
life without love.”



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