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RAW ArT PRESS is open for submissions of prose that experiment with sentence/narrative formats, explores experience with new language structures and explores subjective identity issues noting that writers seeing the so-called I and sentence in new ways have been the primary force expanding language and awareness in the last century. Please send a one page query first about your project. A response will be made within one month.


The Experimental Prose Series:

RAW ArT PRESS Experimental Prose Series promotes books with experimental narratives. Narrative that tells a recognizable story in the sense of “meaning-making” and yet the language itself delivers content in new ways. The question is how inventive/malleable can language be in finding ways to explore subjectivity and offer insight into the language-awareness connection? How can the individual in her/his stream of consciousness, sensibility, innate patterns, construct language to explore subjectivity in new ways and tell a story which is still one of our primary ways of communicating meaning to others?

"Itch" front cover "Itch" back cover
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by Steven Seidenberg

Neither entirely fiction nor philosophy, Itch tells the story of its narrator’s awakening to the possibility of narration, while dredging through the viscera of corporeal awareness to find succor in the prospect of the telling of the tale. Written in propositional aphorisms both sinuously dense and lyrically precise, Itch occupies a diegetic space somewhere between the austerity of Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations and the confessional interruptions of Tristram Shandy—philosophy with an unreliable narrator, fiction plotted from the compass of first premises to the abject specificity of sensation, of the itch
211 pp, $15.95
ISBN 978-0-9819534-5-8
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"Salt and Paper   journey towards the 65th year" front cover "Salt and Paper   journey towards the 65th year" front cover
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Salt and Paper: 65 Candles

by Janell Moon

Salt and Paper: 65 Candles is a narrative of prose and poem fragments consisting of the author’s accumulated years of personal history and her daily life as she moves forward in the aging process. The days and months of her sixty-fifth year are more an expression of a day’s passage and the connection of relationships and memory and her art than objective, calendar time.
192 pp. $15.
ISBN 978-0-9819534-2-7
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"Until the Eye Opens - writings from blind faith" front cover "Until the Eye Opens - writings from blind faith" back cover  
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Until the Eye Opens
                writings from blind faith

by Patricia Hughes

Until the Eye Opens is a narrative composed of self-enclosed, chronological paragraphs of ten years in the author’s life. The paragraphs are not connected by sequential content to one another—and yet the thread of the narrative is never lost.
ISBN 978-0-9819534-1-0
197 pp, $15.00
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