Royal Blue Car

by Evelyn Posamentier

"Royal Blue Car" front cover
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i wanted a royal blue car & i got one.
but the blueness of the world has no street signs.
in a children’s book colors collected
& the world was painted with you & me.
a produce truck brought unlimited supplies.
on a street corner
mother, dead these twenty years, apologizes
for her despair.




there is ice out there, i know it.
no one breathes except the trees.
i will shovel out there & get pneumonia.
a blue car, not a terribly blue car
& a harmless baby crying in another room.
i crash through the window glass.
out there persons with fireplaces.
angel smiles down street spelled despair.




building chased me down streets.
three-story stucco with fire escapes.
many apartments.
i drove toward the bridge in a blue city
that takes corners well.
blue car with white stucco catching up.
dead baby with nowhere to go.
the bridge in despair.


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