Wayward Lines

by Ariana D. Den Bleyker

"Wayward Lines" front cover
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The Sacrifice

I have taught myself to do nothing

but hide behind closed doors lighting

candles, down on my hands and knees

mopping up half-hearted prayers.

I’m most blessed after saying penance,

but if I lack emotion or harbor a stuttered

kind of dismissive love, it’s from years

spent leveling the foundations of tiny

wooden churches. After our confessions

have lifted themselves over our heads

and risen through the steeples, long after

Easter has gone, you ask what I sacrificed

for my God? To which I reply, my body

in death when I first exhaled your name.

Moving Forward

Your shoulders open to places

that leave us in the dust,

as if I’ve been looking back

for a million years and you have

moved forward with the speed

of light. We’ve driven home

down these roads many times,

having to look at ourselves

in dirty mirrors, your solid eyes

closing somewhere in the wind-

shield that has no problem

surviving in any weather.


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